Are you digitally minded, technologically savvy or socially connected?

For my English project in my last year of high school I did a research project entitled ‘What is the internet?”. When I tell the students in my classes at polytech this now they laugh, and then they discreetly pull out their smart phones to google just how old I actually am!

But this was only the late 1990s – an age that now feels far, far away – a time when we used snail mail instead of email, when we had to physically open a book to find the answer to a question, and when the words ‘Instagram’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Google’ were still yet to be invented.

Digital technologies have changed so much in the last two decades, they have completely revolutionised the way we communicate with each other. These changes have influenced the way the New Zealand Pain Society communicates with both its members and the public as well.


The NZPS Council sees our online/digital presence as an important way to publicly promote the NZPS as a leader in the New Zealand pain management field by:

  • Promoting the NZPS interests and activities widely
  • Creating a repository for pain-related information for busy clinicians in New Zealand to go to for up-to-date links to pain news and events, with a New Zealand twist
  • Attracting new members to join the society
  • Communicating with both members and the public immediately and inexpensively
  • Adding value to current members by assisting them to meet, network and share ideas

Since our websites inception we have been working to build an online presence focussed on these goals. But we still have a way to go….and we need your help!

Are you digitally minded, technologically savvy, website wise or socially connected?

We are looking for expressions of interest for members of both a Website Advisory Group and our Social Media/Website administration team.

Both positions are voluntary – we are calling on your goodwill to help us upgrade the societies digital footprint.

Website Advisory Group: This is a fixed term position for the first part of 2017 to help drive a planned redesign of our website. We are looking for website savvy people to help with decision making around exactly how to maximise the usefulness of, as well as future proof the site. This position is open to NZPS members, as well as philanthropic partners, parents, children or friends.

Social Media/Website administration team: This is an ongoing position for a member with an active interest in either website management, social media or both. We are looking for motivated people to upload, tweet, post and pen items in the societies interests.

If you are interested in helping with either role (or both!), we are keen to chat with you. Please email your expression of interest to