Pain education webinar on "Nothing about us without us" - A coalition of lived experience experts in Aotearoa New Zealand

Pain education webinar on "Nothing about us without us" - A coalition of lived experience experts in Aotearoa New Zealand

23 September 2020

Tēnā koutou NZPS members,

The NZ pain society (NZPS) presents the 2020 webinar series on various pain education topics relevant to clinical practice. This webinar series is a web-based pain education resource for health professionals, and researchers interested in various health and research topics related to pain practice. Please see below for more details about our next webinar.

Topic: ‘Nothing about us without us’ - A coalition of lived experience experts in Aotearoa

Overview: This webinar will provide deeper insights on valuing the lived experience as an integral aspect of pain management. The webinar will provide an overview of global initiatives acknowledging the inclusion of lived experience in clinical practice, education and research. The webinar will also bring together a panel of lived experience experts from Aotearoa to discuss their perspectives of:

  • How lived experience can optimize contemporary clinical practice,
  • How to integrate patients as partners in pain research,
  • What are the next steps to advocate for changes relevant to policy makers and professional pain organisations.

Date and time: 30 September, 7-8.30 pm (Wednesday)

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Speaker (via video recording):

Joletta Belton

Co-Chair IASP Presidential Task Force

Global Alliance of Pain Patient Advocates

Patient & Public Partnerships Editor:

Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy

Panelists of lived experience experts from Aotearoa

Dr Bronwyn Lennox Thompson (Chair)

Bronwyn has worked mainly in persistent pain management for her clinical career as an occupational therapist, and started teaching on the University of Otago’s Postgraduate Programmes in Pain & Pain Management in 2002. She is now the Academic Coordinator for this programme. Her research and teaching interests are in knowledge translation of pain research into clinical practice, and interprofessional practice.

Ms Natalie Snaddon

Natalie is an experienced adult teacher who is passionate about peer support and facilitation.  With a background in health and qualitative research, she worked as a registered Childbirth Educator providing and facilitating antenatal and post natal education  classes for 18 years.  Natalie currently works on the ISelf-Help Pain Research Project where her understanding and lived experience of the concerns and needs of people living with pain are utilised in a peer support facilitator role.  She is keen to see the wisdom gained from those navigating a life with chronic pain incorporated into the policies and programmes designed to help them.

Ms Deb Thompson

I’m a teacher, a mother, a daughter, a grand-mother and a partner, who lives with persistent pain. I teach at Western Springs College/Ngā Puna o Waiōrea in Auckland. It’s a wonderful job, but these days I work part-time to better manage my life with pain, and to make sure I can fully fulfil those other roles that are so important to me. Advocating for pain patients is a new ‘string to my bow’ but one I’m keen to explore further.

Dr Hazel Godfrey

Hazel Godfrey has both a pain research background and lived experience of chronic pain. Hazel's cognitive psychology PhD research at Victoria University of Wellington focused on understanding why pain makes it hard to think. Specifically, she focused on attention in chronic pain. Hazel experiences fibromyalgia and blogs at Pinches of Pain – a space for her to share her thoughts about her chronic pain, about our scientific understanding of chronic pain, and about how she and other people with chronic pain live in this world.


Dr Hemakumar Devan & Louise Sheppard

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