Mini Blog: 2 minutes with...Aislinn Carr

Mini Blog: 2 minutes with...Aislinn Carr

18 June 2014

We head to the other end of the country for our next 'mini-blog' to meet new NZPS Council member Aislinn (Ash) Carr...

1. What is your current role/job/position? 

I work full time as the  Clinical Nurse Specialist, with the chronic pain service at CMDHB in  South Auckland.

2. How did you get into working in Pain Management?  

I worked in burns for over 10 years, so always had a strong interest in the management of pain. When CMDHB announced that it was establishing  a multi-disciplinary pain service, I took the opportunity to branch out, learn new skills and  nearly 4 years on I have never looked back.  I am still learning and still loving the challenge.

3. If you weren't working in Pain Management what would you be doing?  

Living in Italy, cooking in a small restaurant, maybe growing grapes.

4. If you could invite any 3 people to have dinner, who would you choose and why?

Three people that I would choose for dinner, Elton John- fabulous music, Hilary Clinton- the stories she could tell and from my childhood, Christy Moore- Irish folk singer

5. What is the most important advance you hope will be made in Pain in the next ten years?  

Better pharmacological  options for chronic pain management!