February Wrap

February Wrap

08 March 2015


Here’s what has caught my attention this month:

‘Cake’ - this movie about chronic pain, starring Jennifer Aniston hits cinemas soon

A very interesting patients explanation of the article “A critical evaluation of the trigger point phenomenon”  written by John Quniter, Geoffery Bove & Milton Cohen, published late last year in 'Rhematology'.

This very sensible BJSM blog post by Jørgen Jevne on the reconceptualisation needed in low back pain

Ouch! An episode on Australian TV station SBS with Lormier Moseley.

This neat wee video 'Kids and Pain' video produced in part by the NZPS Pain in Childhood SIG

An interesting article from the Harvard Gazette about a study of neuroimmune cells in Thalamus

The latest offering from Noi Group - 'The Explain Pain Handbook: Protectometer' launched this month  

If you have seen something that’s worth sharing please drop me an email and let me know… louisemsheppard@outlook.com