NZPS 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting. "Making the Connection" - Cortex, Culture and Community

NZPS 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting. "Making the Connection" - Cortex, Culture and Community

18 March 2021

Welcome to Waitangi!

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

18 -21 March, 2021
We are delighted to be able to welcome you all back to Waitangi from 18-20 March 2021 following the disappointment of not being able to go ahead with the NZPS 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting.

COVID-19 has created some major challenges for us all and particularly for health professionals.  However, we want to look forward to the future and as most of the speakers invited for 2020 are still happy to return in 2021, we welcome you all to participate in the great programme we have set up with some fantastic added extras.

The theme “Making the Connection” remains the same. Waitangi, the place where Connections between Maori and the British Crown began officially in 1840 and where the New Zealand Pain Society will be “Making the Connection” in 2021.  The Connections begin with the Cortex and the ever-expanding knowledge of the brain and its role in Pain and Pain Management.

Connections are made through Communication between clinicians and client/patient, between clinicians in Interdisciplinary teams, through education and explanations. We know from the last few months how important the communication around science and health has been; how important evidence in practice is and the challenges we face when there is no current evidence and we are learning as we go. These all influence how we as health professionals connect with our Pain clients/patients.
Connections through culture are also to the forefront currently with the understanding and challenges of unconscious bias, cultural difference in understandings, different realities, different world views and life experiences.

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Lastly, we invite you to this beautiful place in Northland and hope you will consider taking some time to contribute to the Bay of Islands tourist economy in these challenging times by take a few extra days to explore and enjoy Te Pewhairangi (Bay of Islands).
Organising Committee, Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 
New Zealand Pain Society

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