Info for members about ACC’s Pain Management Service

ACC are currently running a tender process to select suppliers for the delivery of their new Pain Management Service. We are sharing the information below on behalf of ACC…

For more information about the Pain Management Service, please visit the ACC website or click on the following link:


Info about ACC’s Pain Management Service

The new service replaces our existing eight pain management services and focuses on providing comprehensive pain management support and education across the full spectrum of health care – from primary to tertiary care. There are a number of benefits to the new service. These include:

  • Better support – from ACC to provide quality pain management services, including more support to help make recommendations on complex cases.
  • Clear pathway – that makes it easy for providers/suppliers to recommend and give clients the right services.
  • Better experience – of working with ACC to provide seamless services for clients.
  • Streamlined services – that makes our pain management services clear and easy to follow.
  • Collaborative – working with ACC staff and other service providers.

The new service will be implemented by December 2016. 

Info about ACC’s Pain Management Service

This is to let you know that ACC’s tender process for the delivery of their Pain Management Service is about to open. It’s an important opportunity for health Providers, so ACC want to make sure that you’re fully informed about key dates of the tender and understand the process for responding to it.

ACC is looking for Suppliers who have the capability, experience and infrastructure to deliver a redesigned and single pain management service for clients at risk of, or suffering from persistent pain. This new service will replace the existing 8 pain management services that will expire in December 2016.

 The affected services are:

  1. Activity Focus Programmes;
  2. Comprehensive Pain Assessments;
  3. Functional Reactivation Programmes;
  4. Interventional Pain Management;
  5. Multidisciplinary Persistent Pain;
  6. Progressive Goal Attainment Programmes;
  7. Pain Disability Prevention Programmes;
  8. Pain Management Psychological Services

The new service focuses on providing comprehensive pain management support and education across the full spectrum of health care from primary care to tertiary care. The intended outcomes of this process will include improving outcomes and experience for customers, financial sustainability and governance of the ACC scheme and to support more successful injury prevention activities.

For more information on redesigning Pain Management Services, a summary of key stages of the project and key documentation is available on the ACC website or click on the following link:

Be part of our new integrated pain management service & connect with other health professionals

ACC recognise that established multidisciplinary practices will be well positioned to deliver the new service. To achieve the best outcome ACC wishes to give all suppliers enough time to prepare and get organised ahead of the tender going live. This supports ACC commitment to being fair and open. 

If you are a pain management professional working outside of an existing multidisciplinary practice, and have an interest in providing pain management services to ACC clients, you may wish to connect with other health professionals to discuss the potential to join or lead a consortium bid.

If you are a multi-disciplinary practice looking for additional resources you may also wish to connect with other health professionals to discuss the potential of a consortium bid.

ACC can help you get in touch

If you’d like to be put in touch with other health professionals, ACC has advised to email with ‘Regional Tender List’ in the subject line and the following details:

  • How you’d like to be contacted
  • Your area(s) of clinical expertise
  • The regions you’re interested in providing coverage to
  • If you’re interested in either leading and / or joining a consortium bid or if you’re interested identifying additional resources.

Any consortiums tendering will need to nominate lead provider who will be responsible for billing, reporting, resourcing etc over the life of the contract.

By emailing ACC these details, you are agreeing to your contact details being added to Regional Lists. You are agreeing that ACC can share this information with other potential respondents, who have indicated a desire to collaborate with other health professionals in the same geographical area.

Getting ready to respond

ACC will issue the tender on 4 July 2016 and will close at the end of July. Successful providers would be notified by early October.
If you would like to submit a response to the tender ACC has advised us that you’ll need to do two things to get ready before the tender is issued:

  1. Make sure you are registered on the GETS website– the NZ Government Electronic Tenders Service to receive notices and updates to this tender or type ‘pain management’ in the search field. www.GETS

If you need help with registering with GETS, check out where you’ll find a guide to walk you through the process and clarify the information you need to provide.

  1. Register for briefings by contacting with the details of the session you’d like to attend. We’ll then provide further instructions.

The dates and times are:

Pre-Market Briefings

  • Tuesday 14 June – 1:00pm to 2:00pm
  • Tuesday 21 June – 11:00am to 12pm

Q & A Sessions (when Tender is in the market)

  • Thursday 7 July – 3:00pm to 4:30pm
  • Tuesday 12 July – 3:00pm to 4:30pm

If you’re receiving ACC’s stakeholder updates for this service, you can expect to receive this information by email. If you have any further questions contact please email for help.